Volunteer with the Census Goodwill Ambassador Program

The Census Goodwill Ambassador (CGA) program is an effort by the City of Los Angeles to recruit, train, and deploy volunteers to educate and motivate hard-to-count populations before the 2020 Census. Due to COVID-19, CGAs are not hosting events. Volunteer to phone bank with us.Census Goodwill Ambassador Flyer, click here for accessible PDF version of flyer.

CGAs will be on-the-ground in our neighborhoods, reaching out to Angelenos to educate them about how census data determines federal funding for our schools, social and health services, and infrastructure.

If you have time to spare for your community, you should consider becoming a Census Goodwill Ambassador*. The following are some of what you might do as a CGA working to ensure a fair and accurate count:

  • Staff a Census Action Kiosk (CAK) to educate community members about the census, address their concerns, and/or to help them fill out the census survey itself.
  • Lead an event in your neighborhood to discuss the importance of Census 2020 and encourage people to participate.
  • Volunteer at City and/or County events to promote Census 2020.
  • Share/repost social media content and information to encourage participation in Census 2020.
  • Recruit more ambassadors: we need as many CGAs as possible!

For any questions, contact Mayor.LACensus2020@lacity.org.

*You must be 18 years old to participate in most CGA Program activities; some exceptions will be made for special initiatives.